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Drywall texturing is becoming an increasingly popular trend among homeowners in Rockwall, Texas. In general, many Rockwall painting companies also offer drywall texturing for residential areas. Drywall texturing is an amazing way to make your walls look stylish and done with taste. It can add interest and dimension to your home’s interior without having to go for expensive and time consuming renovation ideas.

A Variety of Drywall Texturing
There are a number of drywall texturing varieties currently available with many Rockwall painting companies. You can ask your nearest Rockwall painting contractor to educate you about the different kinds of drywall texturing they offer and then you can choose the one that best matches your needs. These include popcorn texturing, orange peel texturing, perlite texturing, skip trowel texturing, sand swirl texturing, Spanish texturing, and slap brush texturing.

Benefits of Texturing
While each kind of texturing offered by your Rockwall painting contractor comes with its own benefits; generally, in addition to its aesthetic benefits, textured drywalls are sound absorbent and can make your home quieter and more peaceful.

Talking a bit more specifically about the various kinds of textures, one simply cannot ignore the array of benefits that comes with each. For example, orange peel texturing allows you to hide small defects in your walls while slap brush texturing could be applied on any drywall surface to create a singular finished surface. Similarly, popcorn texture can give a distinct look to your walls.

Hiring a Professional to do the Job
Although a do-it-your-self job might at first seem to be a cost-effective way of renovating your home, the process often turns out to be more expensive than one was initially thinking. Besides having to buy all the painting and texturing materials yourself, you might also have to pay the rent of specialized equipment such as spray machines and hoppers if you want to get exactly the kind of professional look you are seeking. In addition, doing it yourself also poses you at the risk of running in costly mistakes that may require you to start all over.

However, hiring the services of a Rockwall painting company to do the drywall texturing for you will allow you to get the desired look of your room with zero effort and probably less money than doing it on your own. Moreover, you will have the peace of mind that the job will be done to perfection.

 Posted on : May 28, 2014
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