Bathroom Remodeling

Does your bathroom need a remodel?

A refreshing bath gives us the energy to hustle throughout a busy day. What makes this bath perfect? An amazingly designed bathroom with 360-degree facilities does so!

S & D Remodeling is one of the leading remodeling one-stop-shop online that imparts its customers with a cosmopolitan vibe, even, in a houseful of people.

That’s right! The bathroom remodeling and repairing experts at S & D hold specialization in working parallel to interior designing trends.

What do we do?

  • Bathroom transformation: Bathroom is not only a part of the home, it is a place where you desire to experience a relaxing shower everyday. We can transform your traditional bathroom to a modern one with frameless showers and high-end hardware toiletries. All at your ease!
  • Bathroom repairs: Do not want to renovate your bathroom? No worries! Our bathroom repair services including refacing your bathroom in such a way that it appears like a brand new one. From broken showers to loosen hinges, we have got your back.
  • Designer bathroom: Whether it is your home, your workplace or en-suite, we present the real-time opportunity to you. Yes! Connect with us to get a designer bathroom transformation within your budget boundaries. With S & D remodeling, no dream is impossible!

A bathroom that is so beautiful that you cannot say no to a ‘bath.’ Yes! That is the kind of positivity that we deliver in the lives of our customers. From a small pretty office cabin to a giant bungalow, we can design a bathroom that worth every penny of your remodeling investment. Our glass design, marble design, and wooden endeavor are quite prominent. S & D remodeling takes much pride in imparting 100% customer satisfaction.

“Bring a positive vibe to your bathroom with S&D magical design touch to it!”

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